About Publication in Conference Proceedings with ISBN




If you would like your paper to be included in the refereed conference proceedings online, then you must provide us with the paper you would like to upload by 11 August 2014. You must ensure that all spelling, grammar, author’s names, titles, affiliations etc are all correct. If you fail to provide this to us by 11 August 2014, we will simply upload the paper we have received from you in the past and you will not be allowed any changes in the future. If you provide us with the right paper but you notice that there is something wrong in the paper at a later stage, we will not be able to correct this for you. Therefore, we once again stress that you MUST check your paper thoroughly before sending it to us for publishing in the proceedings. Furthermore, please also ensure that you have organized the paper according to the guidelines provided in the conference website and that you have formatted the paper according to the sample paper provided on the conference website. Please also ensure that all tables and figures are inserted where they need to be instead of writing “insert table/figure here” as we will not do this for you. We will only accept paper in MS Word format for the conference proceedings. WE WILL SIMPLY PUBLISH THE PAPER IN THE PROCEEDINGS AS YOU HAVE SENT IT TO US AND NO CHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED.  For late submission of paper or any changes required to the paper in the proceedings after the conference US$100 will be charged. 

All papers included in the refereed conference proceedings with ISBN  will be published via a dedicated websites, namely, www.wbiworldconpro.com which contains proceedings of previous conferences. Your paper will be there for at least five years and thousands of readers will have free access to your paper.


            Update: 12-05-2014