About  Publication in Journals




If you follow the guidelines (please see the guidelines) and prepare the paper accordingly, there is high probability that your paper may  be selected for following peer reviewed international journals indexed by Cabells Directory of USA, 5 of which are ranked by ABDC of  Australia and listed by ERA.

        International Review of Business Research Papers- ISSN: 1837-5685 (Print) and ISSN: 1832-9543 (Online)

        World Review of Business Research- ISSN: 1838-3955  (Print) and ISSN: 1839-1176 (Online)

        Journal of Accounting, Finance & Economics- ISSN: 1838-3459 (Print) and ISSN:  2200-7970 (Online)

        Global Economy & Finance Journal- ISSN: 1834-5883 (Print) and ISSN: 1834-5891 (Online)

        World Journal of Social Sciences- ISSN: 1838-3785 (Print) and ISSN: 1839-1184 (Online)

        Journal of Business and Policy Research- ISSN: 1838-3742 (Online) and ISSN: 1449-387X (Print)

        World Journal of Management- ISSN: 1838-3726 (Online) and ISSN: 1836-070X (Print)

        Global Review of Accounting and Finance: ISSN: 1838-1413 (Print) and 1838-5915 (Online)

These journals have both print and online versions and you can select submission/subscription fees under the packages listed in the conference fee schedule.

If you do not wish to attend the conference and only want to publish the paper in a journal, then the fees for publication is as follows:

Only Online version: US $250

Both Print and Online version: US $350

Normal time frame for publication is 6-9 months. We will try to publish your paper within this time though not guaranteed depending on the compliance to Editorial Review Report (ERR) that will be sent to you within 4-5 months after the conference.  We will send you a copy of the print journal after publication. For additional copy you can pay US$60 per copy. You can contact Nuha Jahan via njahanwbi@gmail.com for publication of your paper. 

            Update: 12-05-2014