About Written Comments on Your paper

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There are hundreds of conferences in the world and hardly any conference provides written review reports like us. This review report provides comments on every section of the paper which will assist you to improve/revise the paper. All conference attendees will receive a written “Paper Evaluation Report” (PER) for the paper(s) you present. PERs are not sent for the submission of abstract. If you submit only abstract for the conference and if you want written review report on your paper, you must submit the full paper (in MS WORD file format, not PDF) by 25 November 2016. We will not provide any review report for the full paper which are submitted after the conference or which are not submitted two weeks before the conference. Please also ensure that you STRICTLY follow the guidelines (see the “Manuscript submission Guidelines) when writing your full paper and ensure that your paper is formatted according to the checklist and sample paper provided on the conference website.

            Update: 20-08-2016